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 Polish Chamber of Commerce for High Technology (IZTECH)

The Polish Chamber of Commerce for High Technology (IZTECH), operating since February 2008, groups together  enterprises, universities, research institutes and organisations that focus on economic development and entrepreneurship, based on knowledge and high technologies. The Chamber consists of 100 entities operating in different sectors  in the field of high technology. Their common aim is to achieve market success with the use of the latest scientific knowledge that is put into practice.

The mission of IZTECH is the integration and support of the Polish scientific and economic community operating in the field of high technologies and promoting Polish technological thought in Europe and around the world.

The chamber acts towards the creation of legal solutions and support instruments by the government administration that would favour the development of enterprises whose activity is focused on the introduction of innovative technological solutions – in collaboration with the scientific sector.

The main tasks of the Chamber include strengthening of the scientific and economic links and promoting high technology projects, including above all achievements of the Chamber’s members as well as supporting their innovative initiatives.

An important objective of the Chamber is also to strengthen the international relationships of Polish companies and scientific institutions operating within the field of high technologies, in particular supporting  Polish participation in the Horizon Europe framework programme of research and innovation.

We provide support for enterprises in obtaining financing for research and production initiatives, and we facilitate establishing contacts and scientific and economic cooperation, leading to the development of  state-of-the-art technical solutions. The Chamber facilitates  the transfer of technology and the use of scientific achievements in industry. It also promotes products and services of its members and organises and conducts trainings.

Thanks to its experience and familiarity with the economic and scientific community, the Chamber facilitates contacts between its members and representatives of high-techsectors, and can prepare expert opinions and analyses concerning the development of high-technology enterprises.

We possess a database of experts who can issue opinions on high technology products and provide services related to investment and implementation projects.

Detailed tasks of the Polish Chamber of Commerce for High Technology:

  • promoting scientific and economic cooperation,
  • cooperating with governmental institutions for the enhancement of technology transfer,
  • promoting high technology entrepreneurship, achievements of the Chamber Members and creators of high technologies, promoting products and services provided by the Chamber Members and conducting marketing and exhibition activities for them,
  • supporting innovative initiatives of the Chamber Members, through cooperation in obtaining external financing sources for their research, and production and service activity in the scope of high technologies, including funds from the state budget and European Union funds,
  • inspiring changes in the legal status conducive to the development of enterprises operating in the field of high technologies, and cooperation in this area with government authorities and state administration,
  • providing organisational, legal and financial consulting in the scope of creating new high technology enterprises and supporting entrepreneurs in the initial growth stages,
  • acting for the creation of enterprises with strong market position on the national and foreign markets,
  • cooperating with financial institutions, banks and venture capital funds, including seed capital funds,
  • supporting the Chamber Members in obtaining national and foreign partners and investors,
  • promoting the use of scientific research results in the economy and in innovative entrepreneurship based on scientific achievements,
  • undertaking actions for the expansion of cooperation between enterprises and research and scientific institutions, and for technology transfer,
  • providing support in the field of intellectual and industrial property protection, in particular within foreign legal areas,
  • facilitating access of the Chamber Members to information and consulting, including the development of expert opinions, studies and analyses concerning the development of high technology entrepreneurship,
  • conducting training and publishing activity.

Main services of the Chamber

  • preparing expert opinions concerning the quality of modern products and services
  • issuing opinions on the period of usage and level of distribution of new technologies
  • preparing business plans and financial plans for investment and implementation projects
  • consulting in the preparation of applications for the co-financing of projects
  • assisting in implementing and conducting projects co-funded from European Union funds
  • assisting in the search for partners for the purpose of project implementation
  • promoting technological achievements

One of the latest initiatives of the Polish Chamber of Commerce for High Technology focuses on  activities related to digital transformation of enterprises. An increasing number of companies are introducing state-of-the-art solutions, whose development was accelerated by the pandemic. Numerous companies were forced to implement new forms of work and customer service, which was undoubtedly fostered by the latest technologies. An important factor in the process of digital transformation is to ensure appropriate competences for the management staff and operational employees. By using its international experience, the Chamber has formed a consortium of universities, institutes and foundations to prepare a complex system for education in this scope.

IZTECH organises or co-organises conferences, discussion forums and other types of meetings, which enable the dissemination of the latest knowledge and scientific achievements. Such meetings also make it possible to conduct discussions and form business and scientific contacts.

Of the numerous conferences, symposiums and fora co-organised by the Chamber, the following should be mentioned:

  • Digital Transformation Forum (July 2021), organised in cooperation with the Warsaw University of Technology, concerning the support instruments necessary to carry out digital transformation, the development of managerial and specialist staff, and the effective use of the opportunities offered by the latest technologies;
  • European Technology Forum (September 2018), on research and technology policy in Europe; The Chamber was one of the organisers, along with COIG SA, FSNT NOT, Institute of Precision Mechanics, Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals, KPKPE, Upper Silesian – Zagłębie Metropolis GZM, National Centre for Research and Development, Silesian University of Technology, Wrocław University of Technology, SIiTK RP, and the Provincial Specialist Hospital in Wrocław;
  • ‘Mobile City – a future challenge’ Forum (April 2015), devoted to the issues related to the functioning of a metropolis; organised jointly with the Polish Association of Transport Telematics, in cooperation with the Society of Polish Town Planners, the Association of Communication Engineers and Technicians of the Republic of Poland, Wrocław University of Technology and the Silesian University of Technology; the forum was accompanied by the international conference entitled ‘Telematics of Transport Systems’.

In June 2022, the Chamber plans to participate in the organisation of the Central European Technology Forum devoted to digital transformation in Europe, with the participation of M. Gabriel, EU Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth.

Furthermore, the Polish Chamber of Commerce for High Technology has organised many other projects:

  • ‘Industry Technological Foresight 2030’
  • The ‘Green Forge’ Cluster (support for activities aiming at implementing innovation in the production of metal components and cooperation between enterprises),
  • ‘Industrial and technological parks – closer to innovation’,
  • Development and implementation of a support system for the enterprises of key enabling technologies (KET) in the scope of knowledge management

Industry Technological Foresight 2030

It was a study prepared at the request of the Minister of Economy, focussing on identifying technological areas influencing the development of all industry sectors. The project was implemented in cooperation with the Institute of Basic Technological Problems of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Central Mining Institute.

The Foresight Insight 2030 results were used i.a. to develop national smart specialisations.

Green Forge Cluster

The cluster includes almost 30 companies, research units, and business support institutions, cooperating in the production of components and equipment for gas installations of liquid fuels.

The Cluster aims at the promotion of contacts, using a common technological base, exchanging knowledge and experience, transferring technology, creating a network of connections, diffusing knowledge and innovation between cooperating entities in order to develop innovative activities of supra-regional importance.

Industrial and technological parks – closer to innovation

The aim of the project, implemented jointly with the partners of the Chamber – the City of Nowa Ruda and the Association of the National Forum of Industrial Parks and Technology Parks – was to increase the innovation and entrepreneurship of companies located in industrial and technology parks.

A system of services was developed and implemented, whose implementation enabled increasing the competences of employees of the institutions managing the parks and improving the communication and cooperation.

Workshops and trainings were conducted that covered:

  • internal promotion within the parks,
  • creation and use of venture capital and seed capital funds,
  • possibility of obtaining support from venture capital and seed capital funds and from business angels,
  • investor’s service.

Apart from that, the innovation potential of ten industrial parks was determined, and a knowledge base on services and good practices was developed and implemented.

Support for the development of Key Enabling Technologies (KET) entrepreneurship

The KET group includes mainly biotechnology, photonics, advanced materials, micro- and nanoelectronics and nanotechnology.

The aim of the project implemented by the Chamber in 2011-2013 was to facilitate the access of companies and teams of scientists to information and advisory services supporting innovative research, development and economic activities in the area of key enabling technologies.

As part of the project activities, a program of consultancy services was launched, the KET Database was established with entities conducting innovative R&D or industrial activities in the field of KET group, and five knowledge portals in the field of photonics, nanotechnology, microelectronics, biotechnology and advanced materials were created.

Within the project, over 100 experts provided services to over 500 companies, offering:

  • Technological consulting (technology valuation, preparation of offers and inquiries about technologies, searching for partners for R&D works, searching for cooperating parties, supervision over technological processes),
  • Business consulting (development of business plans, marketing studies, advertising campaigns, investment application analyses, company valuation, technological and economic analyses),
  • Consulting in the field of management and organisation (knowledge management techniques, certification and validation of knowledge management systems, selection of IT tools, legal advice in the field of technology transfer and intellectual property protection, drawing up contracts for research and development, and establishing companies).

The Chamber’s Management and Members are representatives of the enterprise and science sectors. Therefore, they have participated in numerous current events, presenting opinions and recommendations related to the activities conducive to the development and use of the latest technological achievements.

We are looking forward to doing business with you.